The Most Effective Times to Drink Water


It has been said that timing is everything, and if you consider all of the activities that you do in your busy day, you might realize that performing them at certain times generally leads to better or more effective outcomes than others. This can be attributed in large part to the body’s natural rhythms and…

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Delicious and Healthful Mocktails for Spring


There is a significant health and fitness trend this year that we expect will be happily embraced by many people for a multitude of reasons. While sipping on a cocktail has often been portrayed as part of a sophisticated, fun, and extravagant lifestyle, drinking those alcoholic beverages may in fact be derailing the happy, healthy,…

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Slow Down Aging and Prolong a Disease-Free Life


If you’re like most people, you would like to live a good long life. According to Paul Root Wolpe, director of the Emory Center for Ethics, “The quest to live forever, or to live for great expanses of time, has always been part of the human spirit.” However, maintaining both physical and mental functions for…

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How to Host a Winning Super Bowl Party

super bowl

Super Bowl 2023 takes place on Sunday, February 12, and even for non-sports fans or those whose teams won’t be there this year, there are plenty of opportunities for fun! Whether it’s the half-time shows, clever commercials, celebrities or simply great food and drinks, everyone can look forward to gathering with friends and family to…

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Freshen Your Breath and Keep Your Teeth Whiter

white teeth

You’ve probably heard that smiling Is contagious and that when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you. In fact, smiling can help boost your mood, improve your outlook, affect the people around you, and make them smile too. However, if you feel that your teeth aren’t as white, and your breath isn’t as fresh…

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Removing Toxic PFAS from Your Family’s Water

There are thousands of Polyfluoroalkyl substances in commercial and industrial products. These widely-used chemicals are long-lasting, and the components only break down very slowly over a long period of time. Dubbed “forever chemicals” by some, PFAS barely degrade in nature, and are found in the water, air, and soil at locations around the world. Accordingly,…

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Should You Drink Water During Intermittent Fasting?


You’ve decided to do something good for your health for the New Year and you may have been hearing quite a bit about intermittent fasting as one of the popular health and fitness trends for losing weight and improving health. Some studies indicate that intermittent fasting may have benefits for both your body and brain,…

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The Important Connection Between Hydration and Stretching


When our lifestyles include too much sitting and too little physical exercise, or when stress and tension cause our muscles to feel stiff, achy, and painful, everyday movement can become difficult. In fact, as we age, an inability to move freely and easily can cause our independence to gradually become less than we desire.  However,…

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Help Your Overnight Guests Feel Welcome This Holiday Season


Planning ahead is one of the easiest ways to create a warm and welcoming home for your guests this holiday season and there’s something about a mug filled with a warm, soothing beverage that can do anyone a world of good.  Help your guests slow down and transition from their busy lives to the coziness,…

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