Should You Drink Water During Intermittent Fasting?


You’ve decided to do something good for your health for the New Year and you may have been hearing quite a bit about intermittent fasting as one of the popular health and fitness trends for losing weight and improving health. Some studies indicate that intermittent fasting may have benefits for both your body and brain,…

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The Important Connection Between Hydration and Stretching


When our lifestyles include too much sitting and too little physical exercise, or when stress and tension cause our muscles to feel stiff, achy, and painful, everyday movement can become difficult. In fact, as we age, an inability to move freely and easily can cause our independence to gradually become less than we desire.  However,…

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Help Your Overnight Guests Feel Welcome This Holiday Season


Planning ahead is one of the easiest ways to create a warm and welcoming home for your guests this holiday season and there’s something about a mug filled with a warm, soothing beverage that can do anyone a world of good.  Help your guests slow down and transition from their busy lives to the coziness,…

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A Cleaner Home for the Holidays


The holidays provide a great opportunity to thoroughly clean all of the areas in your home that you might not take the time to address on a daily basis. With so many activities and obligations, the holidays may not initially seem like the ideal time to undertake another chore, but when it is finished a…

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Purification Beyond Your Drinking Water


Safe water is vital to your family’s health. Recent headlines have highlighted the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, where residents were informed that they shouldn’t use their water to drink, cook or wash dishes, and were told to shower with their mouths closed due to water quality issues. As brown water ran from the faucets…

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The Simple Way to Boost Your Child’s Athletic Performance

athletic performance

If you have a child who plays sports, you may be wondering how you can help your child reach their highest potential while they remain healthy and safe. Although drinking plenty of water may seem like a simple step, it impacts nearly every aspect of your kid’s athletic performance. Drinking water enhances energy and endurance,…

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Are You Ready for a Natural Beauty Boost?


Skin, hair and nail care routines can be both expensive and time consuming. They generally have too many steps to follow, there are too many products to choose and use, and the products which are hyped are frequently disappointing. Wouldn’t you love to find something organic and all-natural that doesn’t require hours of shopping and…

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What’s in Your Water?

What's in Your Water

If you only invest in one thing for your family’s health and safety, make it a high-quality home water filtration system. According to the CDC, about 7.2 million Americans get sick every year from diseases spread through water, and climate change, sea level rise, and coastal and watershed development are increasing the prevalence of waterborne…

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The Facts about Alkaline Water and Your Health

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a popular health trend, but it is somewhat controversial. Proponents say it can provide numerous benefits, including slowing the aging process, improving bone health and osteoporosis, weight loss, boosting the immune system, and preventing or curing diseases like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure among many other claims. However, there are only…

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