The Simple Way to Boost Your Child’s Athletic Performance

athletic performance

If you have a child who plays sports, you may be wondering how you can help your child reach their highest potential while they remain healthy and safe. Although drinking plenty of water may seem like a simple step, it impacts nearly every aspect of your kid’s athletic performance. Drinking water enhances energy and endurance,…

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Are You Ready for a Natural Beauty Boost?


Skin, hair and nail care routines can be both expensive and time consuming. They generally have too many steps to follow, there are too many products to choose and use, and the products which are hyped are frequently disappointing. Wouldn’t you love to find something organic and all-natural that doesn’t require hours of shopping and…

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What’s in Your Water?

What's in Your Water

If you only invest in one thing for your family’s health and safety, make it a high-quality home water filtration system. According to the CDC, about 7.2 million Americans get sick every year from diseases spread through water, and climate change, sea level rise, and coastal and watershed development are increasing the prevalence of waterborne…

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The Facts about Alkaline Water and Your Health

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a popular health trend, but it is somewhat controversial. Proponents say it can provide numerous benefits, including slowing the aging process, improving bone health and osteoporosis, weight loss, boosting the immune system, and preventing or curing diseases like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure among many other claims. However, there are only…

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Drinking More Water Can Help Your Kids Stay Happy and Healthy

Water is essential to both the mental and physical health of your child. It assists with numerous roles in your kid’s body including transporting nutrients and oxygen to cells, regulating body temperature, aiding proper blood circulation, supporting digestion, maintaining metabolism, and flushing waste, among many other functions. In order to function well and feel great,…

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Bridging Work and Well-Being

work and well-being

The month of June brings us Professional Wellness Month, a great time to examine the relationship between well-being in our lives and with our work. Our mental, physical, emotional, and economic well-being are often closely interlinked. Since we spend a significant portion of our lives working, it may not be surprising that the quality of…

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The Surprising Benefits of Indulging in a Bath


International Bath Day is June 14 and offers a great opportunity to relax in a luxurious soak at the end of your busy day. Bathing is not just about cleanliness; a quick shower could accomplish that. Submerging yourself in a comforting tub of water does so much more, both for mental well-being and for your…

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Clean Water from Every Tap, Every Time

clean water

As a mother, your first priority is your family’s health and safety. Yet a majority of us don’t know what’s in the water our family uses every day. Today, we are typically aware of the importance of the safety and purity of the water our family drinks, but we don’t often give thought to all…

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A Fit, Healthy Lifestyle Begins with Clean Water

healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle requires being active and getting proper nutrition, and both of these depend upon staying adequately hydrated. These vital areas of self-care can increase not only the length, but the quality of your life. Getting and staying healthy may feel like a big challenge, but adding small, positive steps to your daily life…

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The Safe Water Solution for Busy Moms

busy moms

Although we may struggle when it comes to making healthy choices in our hectic lives, the fastest, easiest way for a family to improve its overall health may be through a safe water solution ideal for busy moms. Despite a growing awareness that safe drinking water must always be a health priority, many mothers don’t…

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