Removing Toxic PFAS from Your Family’s Water

There are thousands of Polyfluoroalkyl substances in commercial and industrial products. These widely-used chemicals are long-lasting, and the components only break down very slowly over a long period of time. Dubbed “forever chemicals” by some, PFAS barely degrade in nature, and are found in the water, air, and soil at locations around the world. Accordingly, they are also found in the blood and breastmilk of people, fish and other animals. 

These chemicals can be toxic and have been linked to harmful health effects in recent studies, although many PFAS currently in use are lacking proper toxicological data. Studies have indicated interference with the hormonal system, the reproductive system and fetal development, the immune system along with reduced responses to vaccines in children, and the promotion in development of certain cancers.

PFAS are used in both consumer products and non-consumer applications due to their ability to repel grease and water. They are utilized in paper and cardboard food packaging, non-stick cookware, textiles, cosmetics, electronics, and in fire-fighting-foam. Even if the use of PFAS were stopped today, exposure to these chemicals would continue for decades. 

Contamination of tap water with PFAS is a vital issue. We are exposed to PFAS through environmental routes such as drinking water, and it is extremely challenging for water treatment plants to remove PFAS from tap water.

However, Brita PRO’s new whole-home PFAS removal system uses an advanced titanium housing and cartridge with proprietary media to remove both PFAS and other related chemicals, delivering breakthrough flow rates and treatment efficiency to take whole-home PFAS removal to the next level. 

Our IAPMO R&T certified system filters go beyond your drinking water to remove objectionable perfluoroalkyls to EPA-recommended health advisory levels for all household water at the point of entry, keeping residue from impurities off your family’s clothes, bed linens and dishes, and eliminating impurities in the steam and water in showers and baths.

Designed for easy installation, use and maintenance, our systems are customized to your individual needs, including household size and plumbing. Discover more about our environmentally friendly, landfill-safe certified filtration media at

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Trust Brita PRO to protect your family’s water supply.

Only Brita PRO customizes its whole-home water filter to remove all impurities from your family’s water. And only Brita PRO tests your water with an independent, EPA-certified lab before and after installation to deliver the peace of mind you get when you know that your family is safe.