Purification Beyond Your Drinking Water


Safe water is vital to your family’s health. Recent headlines have highlighted the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, where residents were informed that they shouldn’t use their water to drink, cook or wash dishes, and were told to shower with their mouths closed due to water quality issues. As brown water ran from the faucets…

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The Simple Way to Boost Your Child’s Athletic Performance

athletic performance

If you have a child who plays sports, you may be wondering how you can help your child reach their highest potential while they remain healthy and safe. Although drinking plenty of water may seem like a simple step, it impacts nearly every aspect of your kid’s athletic performance. Drinking water enhances energy and endurance,…

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Avoid Getting Sick and Keep from Spreading Germs to Others

Although seasonal flu viruses may be detected year-round, they are most common during the fall and winter. Flu season activity often begins to increase in October, and peaks between December and February. Appropriately, December is National Handwashing Awareness Month. Handwashing with soap and clean, running water is one of the easiest and best steps to…

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Why Water is Vital for Maintaining Your Mental Health

National Stress Awareness Day is observed this year on Wednesday November 3rd, with aims to identify and reduce stress factors, and to highlight the importance of managing stress. On this important day, it’s a great time to discover new information and helpful practices, including why water is vital for maintaining your mental health. Water is…

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A New and Positive Thanksgiving Day Experience

Gratitude can elevate, energize, inspire, transform and enrich life. We can choose to be joyful and thankful not just on Thanksgiving Day, but for every day of our lives. Appreciation can change your life and sometimes change can make you a happier person too. In this spirit, this year you may want to consider having…

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Making Halloween Healthy and Fun for Your Family

For many people of all ages, Halloween is the most fun and magical holiday with its creative costumes, sweet treats, great decorations, cool fall weather, and maybe even some spooky chills. Although it may come only one day per year, we’ve put together some great suggestions for making Halloween healthy and fun for the best…

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Fall into Autumn with Healthy Harvest Meals

healthy meals

September 22nd marks the first day of autumn and it’s time to turn our focus on fall. We can’t wait for the cooler weather, colorful leaves and comforting, seasonal food shared with friends and family. The sky is clear, the air is fresh and it’s so easy to fall into autumn with healthy harvest meals.…

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How Filtered Water Fits into Your Family’s Fitness Plan


Family Health and Fitness Day is September 26th this year and is celebrated by raising awareness of our everyday health habits including exercise and healthy eating, and by making small changes to start a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our loved ones. Because children often follow what their family demonstrates, when we take care of ourselves,…

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7 Tips for the Very Best Al Fresco Dining Experience


August 31st is National Eat Outside Day, providing a terrific opportunity to celebrate the end of summer by taking time to enjoy a delicious meal in the fresh air. Al fresco dining is simply eating outside, whether it is packing up a picnic lunch to take to a park or grilling outside in the yard…

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