Freshen Your Breath and Keep Your Teeth Whiter

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You’ve probably heard that smiling Is contagious and that when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you. In fact, smiling can help boost your mood, improve your outlook, affect the people around you, and make them smile too. However, if you feel that your teeth aren’t as white, and your breath isn’t as fresh as you would like, you might be too shy to show your best smile. 

One of the best ways to get whiter teeth and fresher breath is to brush and floss your teeth and clean your tongue to help get rid of harmful bacteria. Drinking clean, fresh water and using it in your dental hygiene routine has many health benefits. Water is vital to flush toxins out of your body and water can also improve your dental health.

Clean, pure water that is free of impurities is vital for whiter teeth. In fact, the EPA has established National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations that are non-enforceable guidelines regarding contaminants that may cause tooth discoloration and over time may be absorbed into the tooth structure including iron, iodine, copper, nickel and cadmium. These compounds can also stain tooth restorations such as fillings and porcelain crowns. The EPA recommends secondary standards to water systems but does not require systems to comply.

In addition, some foods and drinks can stain teeth such as coffee, tea, chocolate, berries, or red wine, especially if allowed to remain on your teeth for too long. Rinsing your mouth with fresh filtered water can help flush away the elements that can cause staining. 

Acidic and sugary foods and beverages can cause issues as well and can be damaging to your teeth and result in decay. Harmful bacteria digest sugar and produce acid in the mouth that accumulates on your teeth and breaks down the enamel. Water can help to rinse these acids off the teeth before they can damage them. However, if you’ve eaten something acidic, you’ll want to wait thirty minutes before brushing to avoid damaging vulnerable tooth enamel.

Because the mouth is home to millions of germs, toothbrushes become contaminated. The recommended toothbrush care after brushing is to rinse your toothbrush with clean water until it is completely clean, let it air-dry, and then store it in an upright position. Ideally, when more than one brush is stored in the same holder, they should not touch each other.

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