Beat the Heat with Healthy, Delicious Homemade Popsicles


This year the forecast is calling for hotter than average temperatures, and summers now are either hot or extremely hot. Getting too hot can make anyone feel bad, so it’s vital to take measures to stay cool and stay hydrated. This summer as the heat rises and you need help keeping cool, treat your family and friends to ice cold popsicles to help keep the summer days cooler, more refreshing and everyone more hydrated. Best of all, these icy treats can be modified to be enjoyed by everyone of all ages, including babies, toddlers, seniors, and those with dietary and health restrictions. 

A healthier, fresher, and tastier alternative to store-bought pops can be achieved by making them at home. There’s no requirement for fancy equipment as they can be made using anything from ice cube trays and toothpicks to store bought freezer molds, or any flexible container with a stick strong enough to hold it.

Delicious cooling popsicles are so easy to make and can be made in a nearly endless variety of flavors, delectable combinations, and enticing colors. No need to stress about having all the ingredients, as they can be made from a base of water, milk, coconut milk or coconut water, yogurt, buttermilk, tea, lemonade, limeade or any fruit or vegetable juice.  

Consider adding blended, sliced, or cubed fruits or vegetables such as cucumber. Additionally, you can add herbs such as mint, flavorings such as vanilla extract or chocolate, elderflower, or floral syrups such as rose water, ginger, or spices like cinnamon. If desired, you can sweeten to taste with fruit, sugar, coconut sugar, agave nectar, honey, stevia, monk fruit powder, maple or rice syrup, or other sugar alternatives. 

Popsicles can be made as a single flavor, mixed, swirled, or layered for a fancier treat. In fact, fruit pops can even be molded around ice cream centers for a creamy delight – you’re limited only by your imagination. For easy entertaining, you may even want to try a novel treat for the adults by freezing a favorite cocktail such as margaritas or by simply adding some alcohol to your pop mix before pouring it into your molds.

However far you decide to take your culinary inventiveness, we think you’ll find that they’re one of the most popular treats around and can keep you cool and hydrated through the hot summer months. Just remember that minerals, chemicals, organic matter, and other contaminants can affect both the quality and taste of your pop, but you can improve them all by using fresh filtered water as your base and to wash your ingredients to make the very best tasting frozen treats. 

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