How to Host a Winning Super Bowl Party

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Super Bowl 2023 takes place on Sunday, February 12, and even for non-sports fans or those whose teams won’t be there this year, there are plenty of opportunities for fun! Whether it’s the half-time shows, clever commercials, celebrities or simply great food and drinks, everyone can look forward to gathering with friends and family to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday.

If you’re planning a small at-home event with family or close friends or hosting something larger, we have plenty of planning tips and suggestions so you can get ready to simply relax and enjoy the fun when the big day comes. Remember that everyone is sure to be entertained so simply providing some handy snacks and drinks and adding a few themed decorations is all that you’ll need.

Begin by ensuring that there is adequate space for everyone and relaxed seating available. Next, consider some football-themed balloons, garlands, banners, or bunting for simple décor, and save cleanup time with disposable plates, napkins, cups, and a tablecloth in team colors. If the weather is cooperative, it’s a plus to provide some yard games such as cornhole, Ladderball, ring toss, or a giant Connect Four, and you can even ask guests to bring and share the ones they enjoy also. Children can enjoy frisbees, footballs or other outdoor fun too.

It isn’t necessary to prepare a huge variety of food or drinks. In fact, it’s quite simple to prepare dips along with chips, crackers, and even pre-chopped vegetables and fruits for different flavor combinations. Cheese boards, sheet pan nachos, oven warmed chicken wings or a big slow cooker filled with chili or potato cheese soup are easy ideas. Some brownies, cookies, and fresh fruits will always be appreciated by your guests for a sweet finish. Always practice food safety by keeping cold food cold, hot food hot, and rinsing fresh fruits and vegetables with fresh, clean water.

To avoid playing bartender or needing to make beer runs, make sure you have plenty ahead of time. Consider making a big-batch cocktail and a no-alcohol fruit punch, or simply provide beer, wine or alcohol and mixers for guests to help themselves. Last, but not least, provide plenty of great tasting water and be especially aware that children who are having fun might not want to stop and drink even though they are thirsty.  

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