Why Filtered Water is Better Than Bottled

Filtered water is a better choice for ensuring that the water you and your family drink, bathe and clean with is as safe as it can be. In fact, choosing the right home filtration system can minimize or eliminate the contaminants of highest concern in your area. In the long run, installing a high-quality water filter in your home is both less expensive and considerably less environmentally damaging than buying bottled water.

Although you may trust the water that comes out of your tap is safe to drink, water from systems following national drinking water standards can still carry health risks. Lead contamination can occur as a result of pipes leaching inside a home and copper contamination is often a consequence from corrosion of plumbing materials. If drinking water contains unsafe levels of any of a wide range of contaminants, it can cause ill health effects. Some studies have also indicated that even low levels may bioaccumulate in the body, and some contaminants may actually interact with each other to become more dangerous.

Due to these concerns, many people have turned to the added expense of drinking bottled water. However, bottled water isn’t the safest option as it may also contain contaminants. Plastic packaging can leach microplastics and toxic chemicals both into the body and into the environment, while creating large quantities of landfill waste.

Alternatively, a whole home filtration system is installed where the main water line enters the home. By installing it at the point of entry, filtered water is delivered to all of the taps, the hot water heater and appliances, so not only is the water from all the faucets clean and drinkable, but the shower and tub water will be too. Whether you and your family are drinking water, washing fruits and vegetables, bathing or showering, brushing your teeth, cleaning, or washing dishes and clothing, the water is sure to be clean and pure. Of course, there are upfront costs for installation, but it very quickly becomes the most economical and environmentally friendly way to ensure clean and safe water for your family. 

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