Reduce Your Risk of Developing a UTI or Kidney Stones

Although you may try to eat a healthy diet and stay physically active, there could be one integral part of your health that is being neglected. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are extremely common. In fact, they are the second most common infection. A UTI can develop in any part of the urinary system and can happen to anyone, although women are at greater risk for one. 

The symptoms that are experienced depend on which part of the urinary tract is affected. A UTI doesn’t always cause symptoms but when it does, they can range from irritating to very painful, or far more serious. Fortunately, drinking plenty of water is not only an easy way to reduce your risk of developing a UTI, but can also help to treat an existing infection. It’s quite simple – drinking more water leads to more frequent urination, helping bacteria to be flushed from the urinary tract. 

Water is also vital for kidney function and to help remove waste products. Kidney stones are hard deposits that can form inside the kidneys. Their development is due to a decrease in urine or an excess of minerals and salts in the urine that become crystallized. The foremost cause of kidney stones is due to the lack of adequate hydration, and recent health guidelines suggest that simply increasing water intake can decrease the risks by at least half.

You can keep your kidneys and urinary tract healthier by drinking plenty of clean, filtered water. Your urine should be light yellow or colorless as when it is dark yellow, it indicates that you are dehydrated.

Although you lead a busy lifestyle, staying hydrated requires very little effort and can save you from the pain and discomfort of a UTI or kidney stones. Begin by sipping gradually throughout the day and you may be surprised how easy it is.

Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated, but the water you drink matters. Ensure that the water you are consuming is as clean as possible and free from chemicals and contaminants that can cause many undesirable health issues. Water from a high-quality whole home filtration system is a much safer choice to be assured of drinking the best. Brita PRO’s whole home filtration improves the taste, odor and quality of water for drinking with a high-capacity system and makes fresh, clean water easy to access, encouraging and supporting adequate fluid intake.

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