One Easy Step Toward Better Health and Wellness


National Green Juice Day is an annual celebration that takes place on January 26 to encourage a simple and efficient approach to adding valuable nutrients into one’s diet. In fact, drinking green juice has become one of the most popular and enduring trends. Proponents maintain that drinking green juice is restorative, healing, cleansing, and hydrating and offers numerous health benefits, including immunity boosting, improved digestion, weight loss and reduced inflammation. For many, drinking green juice provides one easy step toward the commitment to better health and wellness beyond their New Year’s resolutions.

Green juice is simply a drink made from the juices of green vegetables. There are countless recipes with a wide range of ingredient combinations such as celery, kale, Swiss chard, spinach, wheatgrass, cucumber, jalapeno, fennel, zucchini, broccoli, dandelion and other greens, parsley, cilantro or mint and mixed with lemon or lime juice, apple, pineapple, ginger, beet or other fruit to naturally sweeten and cover any bitterness.

When making green juice, the most important first step is to thoroughly wash all the ingredients in fresh, clean water to help remove chemicals, germs and unwanted residues. Then, roughly chop the vegetables and any added fruit, and process through a juicer.

One popular recipe combination is included below:

2 Green Apples

4 Stalks of Celery

1 Cucumber

6 Kale Leaves

1 1-inch Piece of Peeled Fresh Ginger

½ Peeled Lemon

Research shows that people who favor fresh foods tend to live longer, healthier lives. All fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals essential to good health and it is recommended to consume five servings of fruits and vegetables per day to help maintain it. 

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