New Year’s Resolution: Drink More Water

It’s a New Year with the opportunity for a fresh start, and one common tradition is to make a New Year’s resolution. Often these aspirations revolve around a renewed focus on better health practices. However, these goals may quickly fall by the wayside without a specific plan.

One simple method to successfully achieve a resolution is to pick one realistic, specific and measurable new goal. When it comes to better health, drinking more water is one action that can have a huge impact. In fact, drinking sufficient amounts of water is essential to good health.

The human body is composed of about sixty percent water, and water is integral to every bodily function, from the individual cell to system levels. The respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive and other systems all need an adequate supply of water to function properly. 

Large amounts of the body’s water are lost naturally each day and must be replaced. If the water intake doesn’t equal the output, dehydration can occur, especially in warm weather, during strenuous exercise, or at high altitudes.

The Mayo Clinic suggests that adequate daily fluid intake is about fifteen and a half cups for men, and eleven and a half for women. A common recommendation for all individuals is eight glasses of water per day. That may sound like a lot, but there are a number of simple tweaks that may make increasing the amount of water consumed each day even easier. 

  • Drink a glass before every meal
  • Always keep a glass nearby and keep it refilled
  • Set a time schedule to drink a glass, such as every two hours
  • Add flavor by infusing it with fresh fruit, vegetable slices or herbs
  • Rehydrate with a glass of water after exercising
  • Track water intake through a journal or app
  • Invest in a filtration system for better taste

Although everyone misses their goals sometimes, what matters most is starting fresh the next day. Consider a small reward for accomplishing the water goal each week, and a larger one for each month. 

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