Making Halloween Healthy and Fun for Your Family

For many people of all ages, Halloween is the most fun and magical holiday with its creative costumes, sweet treats, great decorations, cool fall weather, and maybe even some spooky chills. Although it may come only one day per year, we’ve put together some great suggestions for making Halloween healthy and fun for the best day ever this year!

There’s just something wonderful about getting dressed up in a Halloween costume and leaving behind everyday life in order to be a ghost, princess or superhero. Whether you choose to go over-the-top elaborate or throw a costume together at the last possible minute, wearing one can bring great excitement and enjoyment. Don’t forget to include furry family members by showing off their adorable pet costumes, giving them natural, yummy treats, and keeping them safe. For your small children, remember to decorate their costumes with reflective tape or stickers and choose face paint or makeup whenever possible instead of masks, which can obstruct their vision.

One of the things that makes any holiday special is the seasonal foods and treats to be enjoyed for the day. Of course, traditionally candy and sweets have played a large role, but you may feel better remembering that Halloween is just one day a year, and what children eat every day has the most impact on their nutrition and health. What is important may Just be keeping in mind balance and portion control. In fact, the very best option may be to make your own treats such as cinnamon flavored popcorn, roasted pumpkin seeds, and hot apple cider. Serve healthier versions of pumpkin treats and caramel apples, or consider cutting jack o’lantern faces into hollowed oranges and filling them with chopped fruit.

Decorating your house for Halloween can be fun, easy, and surprisingly inexpensive. The options are bountiful. Glitter pumpkins, string lights, ghost faces drawn on white balloons, spooky sound effects, paper cutout black cats and bats, and spider webs are all simple and festive ideas.

Halloween’s cooler weather means more fun outdoor activities too! Think about hayrides, trips to a pumpkin patch, haunted house, carnival or event at the zoo. Just be sure your activities are age-appropriate and not more than your kids can handle.

To keep Halloween healthy and fun be sure to stay hydrated with plenty of fresh, clean, filtered drinking water. All the sweet treats can elevate sugar levels and it is vital to balance this out by drinking extra water during the day. Sugary snacks without adequate drinking water can really dehydrate the body. Consider reusable water bottles with Halloween-themed images or add stickers to encourage children to drink more. For adults, be sure to drink a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks to help keep you hydrated and help you pace better. Have a great Halloween!

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