Make an Impact with Clean Water on Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day is observed on April 22nd each year in the recognition that all of us require a healthy Earth for our health, survival, and happiness. One major goal of the Earth Day observance is discovering ways that each person can take action and make a difference. This year, let’s consider the ways we can all make an impact with clean water on Earth Day and every day. 

There are many simple changes that can be made right in our homes. One of the changes we can easily make is in the investment of a quality whole home water treatment system. Proper water filtration and softening are not only healthier for drinking and bathing, and for the care of your home appliances and plumbing, but can also have a positive effect on the environment in a number of ways, such as reducing energy usage and increasing appliance lifespan, eliminating plastic bottle use, and decreasing the amount of cleaning chemicals needed.

Limescale and other deposits in hard water create buildup in plumbing and also in many home appliances including water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines. Over time, these deposits not only cause costly clogging of pipes, but reduce the efficiency of appliances, increasing their energy usage and decreasing their lifespan. Softening water can help both their performance and longevity.

Many people are concerned about the quality, safety, taste and odor of the tap water in their homes and desire a cleaner, better tasting, and healthier alternative. Yet plastic water bottles are a huge environmental concern as they contribute to overflowing landfills and leak harmful chemicals during their decomposition process, which can take hundreds of years. However, investing in a high-quality water whole home filtration and softener system can improve water quality without adding the burden of plastic water bottles to the environment.

Of course, we all need to clean our homes, but chemical detergent products can cause critical contamination as they are flushed out of our homes and into nature’s ecosystems. Although natural cleaners are a better choice, when chemical cleaning products are used, it is vital to decrease their impact by using less of them. 

High levels of minerals can prevent soap and other cleansers from working well, resulting in greater amounts needed to get the job done. The key to both better and easier cleaning can be found by solving the core problem and providing a permanent solution to hard water with a whole home water filtration and softening system installed at the point of entry into the home.

Brita PRO’s whole home water filtration and softening system offers smart, money-saving, sophisticated technology. Improve water quality and address the many environmental costs of hard water with a high-capacity under-sink reverse osmosis system. Brita PRO has a global reputation for water filtration leadership and innovation. Learn more about the Brita PRO difference at

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