Great Reasons to Give Your Pets Filtered Water

Filtered Water for Pets

Most people passionately care about the animals we adopt as members of our families. Just like the human members of our family, water makes up a large percentage of our pet’s body and is found in every cell. Drinking clean, filtered water can help protect them from disease and can lead to overall greater health. When you love them and want to give the best care, it’s important to discover the great reasons to give your pets filtered water.

As pet owners, we are always concerned with the health of our pets. Giving them filtered water for hydration helps keep them from being exposed to contaminants, including chlorine, pesticides, metals such as lead and copper, bacterial toxins and even parasites that may be in tap water and which can cause illness. Quality filtered water is fresh and free of contaminants and our pets like the taste of it too.

Water carries important nutrients in and out of the cells of your pet’s body, helping it to digest and absorb them. In fact, water is the single most important factor in your pet’s proper nutrition. Additionally, water helps with many other functions such as lubricating joints, regulating temperature, and cushioning the spinal cord and brain. 

Clean water becomes increasingly important as our pets age due to their decreased immune system and diminishing bodily functions. Proper hydration with clean, pure water can positively impact their health in many ways, and also provide quicker recovery when they are sick or injured. Smaller or younger animals may also have more vulnerable body function.

Filtered water can also provide great benefits for your pet’s skin and fur by preserving natural oils, especially for those with skin conditions or sensitivities. Yet tap water’s high chlorine content can actually dehydrate and irritate your pet’s hair, skin and eyes.

Installing a whole home filtration system has benefits for everyone in your household including your well-loved pets. In fact, you can easily share fresh, clean water with your pets by installing a Brita PRO® whole home water filtration system.

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