Drinking More Water Can Help Your Kids Stay Happy and Healthy

Water is essential to both the mental and physical health of your child. It assists with numerous roles in your kid’s body including transporting nutrients and oxygen to cells, regulating body temperature, aiding proper blood circulation, supporting digestion, maintaining metabolism, and flushing waste, among many other functions. In order to function well and feel great, children need to drink plenty of water each day. 

Kids are typically at a higher risk of dehydration than adults, and dehydration can have many adverse effects not only on their health, but on their focus and mental performance as well. Dehydration commonly occurs because children go for too long without drinking water. According to current research, by the time your child actually feels thirsty, they are likely already experiencing some dehydration. 

Even mild dehydration can cause headaches, lethargy, cognitive decline, poorer concentration, and therefore, reduced scholastic performance. Consequently, it’s vital to avoid waiting for our kids to say they are thirsty, instead encouraging them to sip water throughout the day.

Untreated dehydration in kids can also create risks for other serious conditions such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heat strokes, especially after exposure to high temperatures, direct sun, high humidity, or from vomiting or diarrhea during illness. Some obvious signs of dehydration aside from thirst, are dark urine, dry mouth and cracked lips and constipation.

Many sports drinks contain sugar, salt or caffeine that isn’t good for our kids on a regular basis. However, infusing water with citrus, herbs, or cucumber and added to pure water can make drinking more appealing to kids. Fresh, pure filtered water can improve the taste, smell and appearance over tap water. Additionally, you will be secure in the knowledge that the water they are consuming is safe and free from harmful chemicals and other impurities.

The easiest way to help ensure that plenty of fresh, pure water is easily accessible to your children from every tap in your home, is with a whole home filtration system, which can be installed easily in your home. In addition, remember to keep drinking glasses within their reach and a supply of reusable bottles to grab and go to school or for outdoor play.

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