Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day


On February 20th we invite you to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day with us. This holiday is all about our relationships with the exceptional animals to whom we are devoted, and is also a day that brings special focus to their care. This February, love is not only in the air, but in the water that we give the pets we love.

Our pets are our loyal, loving, and fun companions who bring us comfort, emotional support, and help to ease our times of stress and loneliness. In return, we take responsibility for their health, safety, and comfort.

As pet parents, in addition to our love and attention, we want to provide a safe and comfortable home, nutritious food, exercise, medical care, and clean water. In fact, providing high-quality, clean, fresh filtered water for them to drink is essential to their good health.

Clean drinking water can cool, hydrate, and detoxify your pet’s body, while unfiltered tap water can introduce unwanted chemicals, bacteria, lead and other pollutants that can endanger your pet’s health. In addition, hard water with high amounts of minerals such as calcium and magnesium has been linked with urinary issues. However, a whole-home water filtration and water softening system can provide fresh, pure, better tasting water to all the members of your household, including your furry loved ones.

In order to ensure your pet’s fresh, filtered water stays clean and sterile, be sure to pay close attention to their bowl or drinking fountain also. Bacteria can easily breed in the food particles or saliva left behind, along with algae or mold. Consider stainless-steel or food-safe and bpa-free materials for their bowl and putting it in the dishwasher or handwashing daily is best. Fountains can be cleaned with soap, warm water and a small brush. There’s no need to worry about hard water deposits with a water softening system.

This February 20th, and every day, show your appreciation to your pets by helping them live a longer and healthier life. Only Brita PRO customizes its whole-home water filter to remove impurities from your family’s water, while our advanced water softener uses sophisticated technology to improve water quality.

Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day and discover pure water for the whole family today at www.britapro.com.

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Trust Brita PRO to protect your family’s water supply.

Only Brita PRO customizes its whole-home water filter to remove all impurities from your family’s water. And only Brita PRO tests your water with an independent, EPA-certified lab before and after installation to deliver the peace of mind you get when you know that your family is safe.