Can Dehydration Cause Weight Gain?


Identifying factors that can contribute to weight gain is important to many people who are striving toward reaching their weight loss, health and fitness goals. Numerous studies indicate a significant relationship between dehydration, weight gain and general health. Anyone can become dehydrated, but drinking more water can help to decrease hunger, increase metabolic function and energy, and leads to shedding unwanted pounds.

Dehydration is when the amount of fluid used or lost in the body is less than its intake. We lose water all of the time through breathing, sweating, urinating, crying and many other bodily functions, and because our bodies are composed mostly of water, it’s vital to ensure that we are getting the amount of water we need.

One impressive study showed that increasing water intake promoted weight loss through the breakdown and loss of fat, and also by decreased eating. Other studies demonstrate that metabolic rate can be increased by thirty percent, turning more calories and stored fat into energy by simply drinking two cups of water before mealtime.

Of course, eating a healthy and balanced diet is key to weight loss goals. Yet it can be difficult to tell the difference between hunger and thirst from the sensations they cause, and thirst is actually more motivating for our bodies to resolve than hunger. Therefore, filling our stomach with water first can act as an appetite suppressant.

Exercising regularly can help us to shed unwanted pounds and improve metabolism also, but fatigue can demotivate us and make the effort of performing these tasks challenging. If our bodies are not getting the amount of water we need, we tend to be tired all the time. Additionally, when we are exercising and sweating, it is essential to drink more water to avoid muscle cramping and other more serious issues.

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