Better Cooking with Soft Water

Soft Water

Regardless of how carefully you might follow a recipe, it can turn out substantially different depending on the water you use to prepare it. Water that has high amounts of calcium and magnesium is considered “hard water”.  If the water in your home contains substantial amounts of these minerals, it can have an effect on the way your dishes come out. However, you can easily achieve better baking and cooking with soft water, along with higher quality water for washing your produce with a water softener and filtration system that removes these hard minerals.

When you cook vegetables or dry foods such as pasta, beans, or rice, they can absorb the mineral taste of your hard water. The unpleasant taste of hard water doesn’t simply go away with cooking, but is absorbed into your food, affecting its flavor. 

Hard water also slows down the cooking process and makes these types of ingredients tougher. You’ll likely find that not only do your vegetables and dry foods cook faster and have a creamier texture when cooked with softer water, but they will retain their true flavor, free of mineral taste and odor.

Soft water also absorbs flavors more easily than hard water, resulting in more flavorful broth, sauce, gravy, and even beverages such as coffee and tea. In fact, iced tea that is made using hard water will transform to a cloudy cast rather than a clear appearance as it cools.

Many cooks value the all-natural, pure, and fresh water that a high-quality filtration and softener system produce. Brita PRO’s under sink filtration system improves the quality of water with high-capacity reverse osmosis technology. To remove minerals in hard water, the softener system uses ion exchange. Untreated water enters a softener tank first, where negatively charged resin beads bond with the positively charged minerals in the water to remove them before the water enters into your home’s pipes. When you are looking to correct your hard water, discover all the benefits of installing a Brita PRO whole home water softener system to filter and remove the hard minerals. Learn how a Brita PRO Home Water Filtration and Softener System can make your life better at

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