Avoiding Water Contamination After a Storm

The Atlantic hurricane season officially starts on June 1st and goes through November 30th, while the Eastern Pacific hurricane season runs from May 15th to November 30th. Climate changes are believed to be contributing to increased activity, along with higher storm surges and record rainfalls during hurricane season. Avoiding water contamination after a storm is of vital importance.

Destructive weather disasters are difficult to predict and when a storm impacts the infrastructure in the area, the water can become contaminated. The increased potential for water contamination is of concern for everyone and particularly those with underlying illnesses, pregnant women, the elderly and young children who are most susceptible to illnesses resulting from contaminated water.

It is advised to be prepared with five gallons of clean water for each person in the home to cover three days after a storm and another two to three gallons for each pet. Contaminated water can not only affect the safety of drinking water, but water for cooking, cleaning, water using appliances, toothbrushing, washing hands, and bathing. In addition, all food-contact surfaces must be cleaned and thoroughly sanitized. If water is contaminated with a chemical, boiling it won’t remove the chemical or make it safe to consume.

For families with infants and young children, the preparation of formula can be problematic and breastfeeding or prepared formula is best. The CDC advises that baby bottle nipples or pacifiers that have been in contact with flood waters cannot be sanitized and should be thrown away.

Boil water alerts may be issued when damage occurs to water lines or if there is a loss in water pressure, allowing bacteria, mineral or viruses into the water pipes. If the home uses a water filtration system and the area is under a boil water alert, it is vital to replace the filters and membranes with new ones after completely sanitizing the system.

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