Are You Ready for a Natural Beauty Boost?


Skin, hair and nail care routines can be both expensive and time consuming. They generally have too many steps to follow, there are too many products to choose and use, and the products which are hyped are frequently disappointing. Wouldn’t you love to find something organic and all-natural that doesn’t require hours of shopping and multiple steps when it comes to maintaining your regular beauty routine?

If you are looking for the answers to your biggest beauty problems, the natural way to start is with soft, clean, filtered water for drinking and for cleansing. In fact, staying adequately hydrated every day and cleansing with filtered water can be the solution to dull, aging skin, brittle nails and dry cuticles, lusterless hair, and even hair breakage and thinning.

Drinking clean, filtered water doesn’t just satisfy your thirst. It flushes out toxins, helping to prevent acne flareups, and working to maintain your skin’s elasticity and youthful appearance.

Unfiltered water can contain chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, and chloramine used for water treatment, which can strip oils from your body, causing drying, inflammation, and irritation. This can be particularly important for those who suffer with skin conditions such eczema or psoriasis. Moreover, hard water can cause serious problems to your skin, hair, and nails. Hard water has a high mineral content which can leave a buildup on your skin and block its pores. It can affect your hair color, leave your hair dry and dull, and weaken the follicles allowing your hair to easily break. Hard water can also dry out nail beds, stunt nail growth and result in discoloration, thinning, and weakening. Cleansing with soft, filtered water leaves your skin soft, fresh and radiant, your hair more shining and healthier, and nails that are stronger and more beautiful.

In addition to these obvious beauty benefits, softened water can save you money on expensive shampoos and cleansers that would otherwise be down the drain. With softened water, you use less of your beauty cleansers, shampoos and shower gels while enjoying a greater lather and more efficient cleaning.

With a Brita PRO whole home water filtration and softening system, you can leave behind dry, itchy skin, limp, dull hair and unsightly nails. Experience the benefits of safe, clear, great-tasting water and the sophisticated technology to address your hard water. With Brita PRO, you know it’s money well spent.

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