7 Tips for the Very Best Al Fresco Dining Experience


August 31st is National Eat Outside Day, providing a terrific opportunity to celebrate the end of summer by taking time to enjoy a delicious meal in the fresh air. Al fresco dining is simply eating outside, whether it is packing up a picnic lunch to take to a park or grilling outside in the yard with friends and family. Here we provide our 7 tips for the very best al fresco dining experience:

  1. Pick a Good Location – Eating outside always seems to make food taste fresher, and a terrific view or great people watching, can make it even better.
  2. Choose your timing – Planning a day of fun in the sun is great, especially if there is water available nearby to cool off. However, the warm glow of a softly lit, outdoor evening meal can provide the ultimate in relaxation or romance.
  3. Make it Comfortable – Ensure there is adequate space for everyone, relaxed seating, and available shelter from intense sun or unexpected showers.
  4. Keep it Safe – Practice food safety by keeping cold food cold, hot food hot, and rinsing fresh fruits and vegetables with fresh, clean water before packing them in a cooler.
  5. Consider Outdoor Hand Cleaning – Be sure to bring an extra container of clean water, some soap, and paper towels along.
  6. Remember the Sun Protection – Protect eyes, skin and scalp from intense summer sun.
  7. Provide Plenty of Water – Anyone can easily become dehydrated outside if they don’t drink enough water, especially after being in the heat for prolonged periods of time. Be especially aware that children who are having fun outdoors might not want to stop and drink even though they are thirsty.

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