6 Great Benefits of a Water Softener System

The term “hard” water simply means that it contains more minerals than ordinary tap water. Water that contains an excess of minerals such as calcium and magnesium cause soap and detergent to not easily dissolve, and limescale to build up in pipes and appliances. Limescale is a hard, chalky deposit often found on surfaces where hard water has evaporated.

Additionally, excessive levels of iron and manganese are a common water problem in many homes. These contaminants cause undesirable traits in color, odor and taste, and can cause significant issues in a home’s plumbing network. An iron filter water softening system can prevent these deposits.

Although there are many benefits to softening hard water, here are six major plusses that can save major expenses, time and headaches:

  1. When limescale, iron or manganese builds up, pipes can be blocked. A water softening system can prevent the damaging build-up of scale on the inside of pipes and fixtures.
  2. Other appliances like water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines also benefit from the reduction of buildup. Softened water can lengthen their efficiency and lifespan, saving money on early replacement costs. Additionally, by increasing efficiency, the cost of heating water in the home may be reduced by up to twenty percent.
  3. Skin and hair feel softer. Those with dry skin conditions often benefit from water softening because the minerals in hard water can strip the skin’s natural oils. Additionally, these minerals can cause hair to feel dry and more brittle, and even cause hair color to fade.
  4. Clothing benefits from soft water with a reduced need for detergents and cleansers. Clothes remain brighter, softer and newer looking.
  5. Whether dishes are cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand, softening water eliminates cloudy or spotted glasses and silverware, leaving everything sparkling clean with less detergent or soap needed.
  6. Since soft water dissolves soap more thoroughly, it leaves less undissolved soap deposit in showers, tubs and sinks. This means less time spent cleaning the bathroom of soap scum, and lime deposits.

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