5 Easy Ways to Drink More Water Every Day

Drink More Water

Drinking enough water may not come as naturally to us as it should, but there are 5 easy ways to drink more water every day that can help us achieve our goals. Drinking the recommended glasses each day can feel like one more “to do” on our typically long lists, but is vitally important to our health.

Today, health-conscious people know how important it is to stay properly hydrated throughout the day. Water is key in bodily functions including joint and tissue lubrication, healthy skin, metabolism, waste removal, temperature control and so many others. Therefore, we must constantly replenish the water our bodies use. 

The quantity of water we need each day can vary depending upon our activity levels, climate, and health issues among others. We may need to increase our intake during hot summer days, or if we exercise regularly or work outdoors. In fact, when we feel thirsty, it may be an indication that we are already dehydrated.

The easiest way to increase water intake may be to set a reminder to help during our typically busy days. Set an alarm or use an app as a reminder to drink a glass each hour, and you may find that it will become a regular habit without prompting.

Alternatively, try some simple associations such as a glass upon waking and before bed, a glass before and after every meal, before and after exercise, or a glass after every bathroom break. Explore the ones that work best for you.

Try adding some excitement to your water by infusing it with cucumber, lemon, lime, orange or watermelon slices overnight. You may even want to freeze citrus or other fruit to use as ice cubes to add a hint of flavor. Fresh herbs like mint leaves or rosemary can also be added, and all these suggestions can add not only refreshing taste but health benefits also.

If you don’t care for plain water, consider tea. You can enjoy it hot or iced. Whether it’s herbal or other caffeine-free varieties, numerous studies have demonstrated a link between tea and numerous health benefits. 

However, to make the most impact on your health and water intake, consider a whole home water filtration system to be sure your water is clean and pure. A whole home water filtration system can improve the taste and odor of drinking water and encourage the whole family to stay hydrated. 

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