Lab-Certified Home Drinking Water Test Kits

Safe Home® Pro

safe home pro

Want to test your household water?

For families that want to test their own household water, EPA-certified Safe Home® Pro is a perfect solution. It’s the #1 most trusted home drinking water test kit brand.

safe home pro

Safe Home Pro Home Drinking Water Test Kits:

  • Are more than just EPA certified — they’ve maintained EPA certification for more than 38 years
  • Safe Home undergoes rigorous blind performance testing annually to maintain EPA certification
  • More than 4 million tests sold worldwide
  • Have been vetted by numerous trusted organizations, including Underwriters Laboratories (UL), American Red Cross and others
  • Have been awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal

Home drinking water testing, made simple:

  • Collect a sample of your home tap water
  • Place the sample in the provided return-shipper package
  • Register your home drinking water test kit online and ship the package to the Safe Home laboratory for testing
  • Safe Home issues a certified lab report in just a few business days
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