Brita PRO® Whole-Home Catalytic Carbon Water Filter

Catalytic Carbon Platinum Series

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Chloramine doesn’t make coffee taste better.

Chloramine is used by more and more municipalities to disinfect the water supply. It’s odorless and tasteless, but that’s no reason to want to drink it in your coffee. Chloramines can irritate the skin and eyes. To find out if your water contains chloramines, you can get your water tested. Chloramine can be removed from water with whole-home catalytic carbon filters. Make your family’s water clear and clean with a whole-house catalytic carbon water filter.

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The Brita PRO® Catalytic Carbon Water Filter:

  • Reduces chlorine and chloramine levels along with other offensive tastes and odors in your entire household water supply
  • Available in a variety of models to fit your family’s needs

Like all Brita PRO whole-home systems, our catalytic carbon water filter system:

  • Filters all household water at the point of entry
  • Keeps residue from impurities off your family’s clothes, bed linens and dishes
  • Eliminates impurities in the steam and water in showers and baths
  • Provides high-capacity flow for reliable access to high-quality water
  • Customized to your individual needs, including household size and plumbing
  • Designed for easy installation, use and maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly with landfill-safe certified filtration media
  • Certified as an integrated system by IAPMO R&T
  • Made in an IAPMO-certified manufacturing plant

Made in USAMade in the USA

Whole-home catalytic carbon water filtration: an investment in your family’s health and well-being.

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A whole-home catalytic carbon water filter solution from Brita PRO makes sure that your entire household water supply, including for showers and baths, dishes and clothes, is clean, pure and safe. Putting Brita PRO quality, expertise and technology together with post-installation testing from an EPA-certified independent lab adds something very important: peace of mind. When it comes to your family’s health and well-being, that’s something well worth the investment.

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Find out WHAT’S IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD’S WATER with an independent water test.

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Trust Brita PRO to protect your family's water supply.

Brita PRO customizes its whole-home water filter to remove all impurities from your family's water. And only Brita PRO tests your water with an independent, EPA-certified lab before and after installation to deliver the peace of mind you get when you know your family is safe.