Are you water smart?

How much do you know about water?

Test Your Water IQ

Almost everyone would agree that water is a very important part of our lives. Let’s see how much you know about the water that comes out of your tap! Answer the following questions, then click the link below to see how you did!


What is the most common impurity found in U.S. tap water?

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According to the Environmental Working Group’s Tap Water Database,1 the most common contaminant in tap water is THMs, or trihalomethanes, which occur when chlorine, commonly used to disinfect tap water, combines with organic matter in water. At elevated levels, THMs have been associated with increased risk for cancers and other issues. Studies have shown that household uses of hot tap water such as showers and dishwashing result in greater absorption of THMs than drinking it.2 Yikes! Luckily, Brita PRO® whole-home water filtration systems remove THMs.
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Which is NOT a benefit of proper hydration?

Correct! Wrong! tells us that there are many benefits3 of staying well hydrated — including higher energy levels, better brain function, constipation relief, kidney stone prevention and, yes, prevention and treatment of hangovers — but, alas, not a better sense of humor. If you’re not funny, drinking more water is not going to make you a comedian all of a sudden. Sorry.

True or false: Drinking enough water can help you lose weight.

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According to Healthline, drinking plenty of water can help you lose weight. Healthline says that multiple studies have shown that drinking half a liter (17 ounces) of water can increase metabolism by 24%–30% for up to 1.5 hours. Another study showed that dieters drinking a half-liter of water 30 minutes before meals lost 44% more weight than non-water drinkers over a period of 12 weeks.3

True or false: Filtered water makes better-tasting coffee.

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There are differing opinions, but the nation’s leading coffeehouse brand triple-filters the water it uses for its coffees and teas. Another of America’s favorite places for coffee, the one that also sells donuts, uses filtered water too. So even if you’re of a different opinion, and you answered (b) or (c), sorry, but we grade your answer as wrong. Hey, we make the world’s best water filters! What do you expect?

Which is the best way to protect your family from impurities found in water?

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Why? Because drinking water is not the only way potentially harmful impurities in water can enter the human body. They can be inhaled or absorbed into the skin in a hot shower. They can leave residue on your dishes, clothing and bed linens that can be ingested or absorbed. No doubt, the best way to protect your family is by installing a Brita PRO® whole-home water filtration system, which takes impurities out of your water at the point of entry into your home.

Test Your Water IQ

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