BRITA® PRO Dealers:

Things are extremely busy here in Hickory these days as we prepare for the upcoming WQA Exhibition March 27 and 28 in Denver. We look forward to seeing most of you at the show and catching up on your successes thus far. It should be a fun time and I hope many of you can make it to our welcome reception Monday. At the show, we will be displaying some future product offerings which include the newly designed Titanium Filter with replaceable cartridges, a new POE Nitrate/Nitrite filter which contains a special anion resin that can be regenerated by ion exchange and our upcoming BRITA PRO RO that is about to enter the certification process. All of these products should generate a lot of excitement.

We are also in the process of sending our existing line to IAPMO to certify all product claims and capacities. The testing plan has been completed and submitted, and the entire project should be completed by July. As you may be aware, this process requires a very large capital investment but one we believe will assist all of you in your efforts to market our products more effectively and competitively.

Now that our products are on the market, we are developing a BRITA® PRO presentation to help formally introduce the product line to your Sales Reps and train them on the features and benefits. In my past life, I spent many hours traveling to various operations training both sales reps and technicians on the operation and capabilities of our water filtration products. I would also share best practices from other successful sales teams to arm the reps with techniques and skills to overcome potential objections during their presentations. I would like to offer that assistance to all of you as well. I would welcome the opportunity to visit your individual operations for the purpose of presenting the new BRITA PRO product line directly to your sales teams. Please keep in mind that I can’t be two places at once, so please let me know if and when you would like me to visit your operation. Availability may be a little limited prior to the WQA, but I should have much more time to travel after March. Just let me know.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Denver in a few weeks, and thanks for all the help to make this program a success.



Distribute Free Water Tests Kits, Testing and Mailing on Us!

Want to distribute free Brita PRO water test kits in neighborhoods near you? We will cover the cost of mail and testing.  

Here is a suggested shopping list for the kit supplies (or select your own!): 

Email  Meghan Stout to order packs of 100 branded inserts shown here, have your sales team assemble the packages and include their business card. Then, hit your top neighborhoods. We’ll receive and test the samples and email you the lead with results!  

Look who approached Jackie’s front door early this morning…

Come look for us at the WQA Show at the end of the month. We’ll be right up at near the front door and you can’t miss us! In addition to our current product line, we’ll also have the coming soon products. We’ve completely overhauled the Titanium Filtration System and it looks amazing! We’ll also be unveiling our new Platinum Nitrate/Nitrite System and you won’t want to miss it. 

Also, if you haven’t RSVP’d to our welcome reception, please let us know if you can attend as soon as possible! We look forward to seeing you.