December 6, 2018

Update from the President

Greetings from Hickory, North Carolina!

I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving and have plans for a great holiday season this month. It feels like winter is already here in Hickory. The weather forecast is predicting 6” to 8” of snow around our area this weekend and 10” to 20” in the mountains just northwest of our office. Since this type weather is uncommon in the southeast the area usually grinds to a halt when snow arrives. If our offices do close for weather on Monday, we’ll all be on our computers working from our home offices so there should be no interruption to business.

I’d like to thank all of you that took advantage of our “Black Friday” sale on our product inventory that ran the week of Thanksgiving. Most of you took advantage of the incentives and we appreciate the interest. Don’t forget we still have an incentive running for new potential BRITA® PRO Dealer leads until the end of December. Please get your leads into Craig and arrange an introduction prior to the New Year to take advantage.

Our new Titanium filter system is moving through certification at IAPMO. The new, proprietary BRITA® PRO Whole House lead filter cartridge was designed to flow at 8 GPM with a capacity of 60,000 gallons. It will also be equipped with a wifi-capable flow meter which will allow you to monitor each system’s performance and remaining capacity back in your local office. We are expecting an update from IAPMO any day now, but as of last week the cartridge certification was 75 percent complete and performing beautifully. Great news! We should all thank our Protect Plus Technologies team, Glenn Cueman and Dr. Arvind Patil, for their contributions to our future success.

Please see the additional updates below and keep up the great work. Let’s finish our first year on the market strong and thanks to all of you for making BRITA® PRO a success!



Sales Folders Ready to Ship

You should have received a starter kit with 10 sales folders. If not, keep an eye out for a FedEx Ground package from Protect Plus!

If this tool works for you, they are available in quantities of 200 for $1/each and can be deducted from your co-op balance.

E-mail Meghan to get yours shipped today!

Demo Units Available

Did you know you can order a limited number of demo units for use at tradeshows or in your showroom? Without the media, it’s going to be lighter, less expensive, and easy to move! E-mail Tim for more details.

Customize Your Offerings on!

Every dealer is different and carries a unique selection of products for their market. We can update your Brita PRO dealer pages to reflect that! Send an email to Meghan with details on which products you want to be visible on your site.