July 27, 2018

National Banner Campaign is LIVE

Be on the lookout for online ads from a new banner campaign that launched in all dealer markets last Monday. The ads are animated to draw the consumer’s eye and are designed to drive traffic to your business, as well as boost awareness. You should start seeing these on leading websites that consumers visit every day (such as major news outlets).

In addition to awareness ads, we will be remarketing to anyone that clicks on the ads to remind them to come back to learn more from you! The campaign is scheduled to run over the next 12 months and we’re already seeing increased traffic. Stay tuned for updates.

You will be receiving an email with your dealership’s login to the dealer portal. On this password-protected site, you’ll be able to place orders, register product warranties, read past newsletters, access to marketing tools (everything you already have, plus all future ad-ons), training videos, corporate directory and more. 

We’d be happy to walk you through the tool on a WebEx, or you’re welcome to experiment yourself.  

Once you’ve placed an order on the site, it will be saved in your account, so you’ll be able to track updates there. In addition, you can reorder from previous orders to save time, especially if you place the same order weekly or monthly! 

In the very near future, you’ll also be able to see the status of your current co-op balance without having to ask for it. 

We’ll be adding to this tool regularly, so check back often. And if you have an idea for making it more useful to you, please share your ideas!

Next steps on the website 

Now that the dealer portal is live, we’ll be updating the front site. Soon, when customers search for their local dealer, they will automatically transition into a mirror Brita PRO site with local branding. It will look just like ours and will stay up-to-date as we update the main site, but will be branded with your dealership info.  

We’ll keep you posted on this tremendous improvement!

Vehicle Wraps Make an Impact

Thinking about branding your company vehicles? They’re a rolling billboard and covered by co-op funds, so talk to us today about artwork options!

New Sales Tools Coming!

We’re putting finishing touches on sales tools, such as a customer project pocket folder that helps your sales team walk through the estimation process with potential customers. Contact Meghan to pre-order your folders today!

Also, we’re working on a sales presentation your team can use when meeting with customers. As we put the final touches on it, we’re wondering what format you might use – a hard copy flip book, or a digital presentation on a tablet. Take 30 seconds to tell us HERE.