September 6, 2018

Update from the President

Hello BRITA® PRO Dealers,

I hope everyone has enjoyed a great, productive summer so far.  It’s hard to believe that summer is just about gone and fall is around the corner.  Where did the time go?  Oh well, the good news is that college football season has started.

I’m happy to report that our new POE Titanium filtration system entered certification testing last week.  We conducted some preliminary internal tests prior to sending to the IAPMO labs, and our initial test runs for the lead filter cartridge had a lower flow rate and capacity than our targeted expectations.  This delayed our test schedule by about two weeks while we worked through the changes.  Following some minor modifications to the proprietary media design, the subsequent test results were very positive.  IAPMO now has the test vessels and cartridges in their labs for the final certification and we expect a completion date of October 12.  If all goes according to plan, the Titanium will hit the market around the beginning of November.

Our new BRITA® PRO Reverse Osmosis (RO) is also ready to begin certification.  Since this RO is new to the market, there was more work to be done than expected as we had to produce a wetted parts list (WPL) prior to testing.  That work has now been completed and testing should begin next week.  Due to the length of time required for certification and registration, our new BRITA® PRO RO will probably not be ready for market until sometime in December.  We’re very sorry for the delay, but we want to get this right.

I’m very excited about our entire dealer network.  We now have new BRITA® PRO Dealers in southern California, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, Delaware, and New York.  Our entire team consists of a very professional organization with a dynamic group of experienced water treatment experts.  And speaking of dynamic, if you want to learn how to motivate a BRITA® PRO Sales Team each week check out this video from our team in El Paso, click here! 

Please see the additional updates below and keep up the great work.  Thanks to all of you for making BRITA® PRO a success!



Marketing Updates

It’s been a busy month and lots of things have rolled out with more in the works. Here’s a quick update on several key areas:
Have you seen the changes to the consumer website? Now, if a customer searches their zip code and discovers you as their dealer, all navigation going forward will be branded with your dealership information, logo, and phone number.

In addition to increasing awareness for your local dealership, this also multiplies the number of pages across the website, improving search engine optimization (SEO) and our site rankings. Over time, this will snowball and you’ll see more organic traffic.

We make edits and additions to the site every day. Feel free to send specific and detailed feedback about ways we can better support your sales efforts via the website.

Dealer Portal
Have you logged on yet? The site has lots of functionality for your convenience:

  • Marketing assets for download
  • Product ordering
  • Warranty registration
  • Apparel ordering (coming this week)
  • Trade show graphics ordering (coming this week, see an example below)
  • Repair kit ordering (coming this month)

Here is an example of the modular trade show graphics system we’ve created. These are optional display pieces that you can build to customize your tradeshow and showroom needs.


Banner Ad Campaign

Have you seen the banner ads in your market? They launched July 23 and have been served to more than 350,000 consumers in dealer markets across the nation. Since we launched these banner ads, we also rolled out dealer specific web pages, so this week, all banner ads will link directly to your locally-branded Brita Pro dealer pages instead of the corporate landing page. While leads generated will automatically route to your market based on zip code, we’re hoping this will help save the step of “finding the dealer” for your customers.

So far the banner ads are getting great results! We’re running two different campaigns in all markets: behavioral and persona ads. While the behavioral ads are doing well, beating the industry average, our persona ads are blowing the industry average out of the water. Our agency says they’ve never seen results like this. We think that’s great but we’re pushing all of the creative to do better and tweaking the settings to get the most out of each.

Behavior: this is based on a customer’s online shopping/research habits. For example, if they’re searching for any of our competitors or keywords such as water softener or water filtration, they’ll see a display banner ad in the near future on a website such as CNN or The Weather Channel.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the most frequently searched words triggering our ads right now:

Persona: These ads are specifically targeted toward our key demographics with an ad tailored to the male set and the female set. Right now, both versions are outpacing the industry average click thru rate (0.05%) by 6x at an impressive 0.30%! What does this mean? Well, the ads are lovely, but they’re nothing groundbreaking. This impressive click thru rate is a testament to the power of the Brita brand. People trust our brand and we will build on this!

Both Banner Ad Campaigns are doing well, but are focused on building awareness in your market. Now that consumers are getting used to seeing ads with whole house systems associated with the Brita PRO brand name, we will steer that campaign toward more of an auto-pilot set-up and roll out the next step, which is a Pay Per Click Campaign, focused on driving specific leads to your inbox.

Pay Per Click Campaign
Over the next two weeks, we’ll be launching Google, Bing, and Yahoo pay per click (PPC) ads in your market. These ads will link directly to your Brita PRO dealer pages. We are setting budgets to meet the goal of generating 300 clicks per month per market and hope to generate 10-30 leads per dealership per month. Each month we’ll be working with our agency to optimize these ads to maximize the leads coming to you. All ads will feature call tracking, and your pages/forms will have tracking details as well. We’ll keep you posted on the results if you’ll share feedback on the lead quality!

Next Steps
We’re working on a market-by-market influencer campaign that will focus on the user’s experience with the dealer, product, and brand. This campaign is in the design stages and we hope to share more soon!

We are rolling out repair kits in the next couple of weeks. These will be available through the dealer portal. We’re finishing SKU numbers and pricing now and will alert you when they go live! 

The starter kit will include o-rings, impeller assemblies, new transformer, clips, screws, etc. and other things you might need on hand for simple repairs, assuring no down time!

Warranty Registrations

Don’t forget you need to register your customer sales so that we can support your warranties going forward! Click here to access the warranty registration tab on the dealer portal. Serial numbers can be found on the back of the valve head, as shown below.

Aqua Finance

We’ve been meeting with Aqua Finance about their options to assist you in customer financing and would like to share details. We are impressed with what they have to offer and encourage you to reach out to them if you do not currently have a lending partner. You are under no obligation to work with them!